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silent zone @ waari from 10am to 6pm

​From 10 to 6 waari enjoy's SILENT ZONE!

For anyone who wants to work, meditate, read or think this is a place for you.

The importance of peace and silence is known to us all but everyday its becoming more and more scarce in our city life! Silence not only benefits our minds but it does good to our body as well ! following are some benefits of silence!

  • Silence provides you with more energy and a stronger mind-body connection.

  • Silence reduces stress levels including lowering blood cortisol levels, regulating hormones and adrenaline levels.

  • Silence gives you a stronger connection with your surroundings. Your senses become more active and aware.

  • Silence enhances your ability to fully listen. When you don’t feel compelled to talk, you become more present in the moment.

  • Silence helps soothe the mind and allows your central nervous system to relax.

  • Silence can stimulate inspiration, creativity and problem solving abilities.

  • Silence allows your mind and body to relax and decompress and prepare you for your day ahead.

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